Aug 22, 2010

Sunday. And a bird. 2010.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just randomly came across you blog whilst reading my friend's entry today (I often just randomly find blogs when I'm supposed to be working). Anyway, hello from New York City. I really like your photography -- and especially this photo, so I wanted to leave a little note and tell you so. And there, I did!
Have a lovely day in Lapland :)
-- Dakota

Joonas Mikola said...

thanks! reading blogs is maybe a nice way to spend a day at work. It only depends what blogs are you reading, heh.

here now at Rovaniemi sun rises at 11.00 and falls down at 13.23 o'clock. length of day is 2 hours and 24mins.

It's been dark but somehow I like it.

Greetings from Lapland,