Jan 31, 2012

"Long time no see"

This blog has been quiet, I have some good news to tell you.

Finally we have started to make official JMIKOLA.COM website/cv. I hope we can publish the website during this 2012 spring. It will be a collection of the best photographs and whatever art-stuff I have ever done. But don't worry, there will be also a blog where I can write whatever nonsense.. For a long time I have had a feeling this blogger is not eough for me. This has been a good place to publish pictures, but this is not 100% what I want. I'll keep you in touch during this spring. It's gonna be huge!

Mr. Olli in Northern Norway, maybe in Karasjok, Lakselv or Porsanger. Can't remember. 2011.

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Vesku said...

Siistiä! Tulee varmasti hyvä!